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Marketing Through the Shopper Lens

Arc delivers relevant and creative brand engagement regardless of channel or platform

Innovation, insights and imagination. These three elements form the foundation of Arc Worldwide’s delivery of intelligent, shopper-driven solutions for category-leading brands in CPG, technology, restaurants, pharma, retail and more. Simply put, Arc activates brands and changes behavior by understanding people through the lens of a shopper.

It is now the lead shopper marketing agency within Publicis Communications Group.

Using a differentiated approach called “Shopper Back,” Arc delivers relevant and creative brand engagement regardless of channel or platform. At its global headquarters, Arc has an interactive retail lab, digital interactive prototyping lab and retail store environmental lab where it can explore, test and launch new ideas into the marketplace.

Its staff of information, research and strategic planning experts helps clients better understand their retailers and the behaviors and journeys of their shoppers. Ongoing research helps inspire great creative solutions, bringing insights to life and moving shoppers to act.

Consider Keystone Light’s recent “The Hunt for the Great White Stone” initiative, designed to win back once-loyal drinkers of the economy brew. The campaign capitalized on a key insight about the brand’s popularity among hunters—what they enjoyed most was not hunting but drinking beer and sharing stories in the woods with their buddies.

The result: A promotion encouraged customers to turn specially designed cases and cans of beer into an image of a trophy buck to be shared over social.

Drinkers responded, leading to increased sales and a rekindled love for Keystone Light.

Identifying Consumers’ Purchase Triggers

This past April, Arc released a new tool to help brands quicken the path to purchase and reinforce brand affinity. The Buying Acceleration and Incentive Tool (B.A.I.T.) reveals how marketers, using both human emotion and science, can select the right purchase triggers to encourage people to buy.

Developed after a 6-month- long study of 9,300 consumers, B.A.I.T. found the most impactful ways that promotions can fulfill human needs and build sales without running counter to a brand’s purpose or eroding the brand.


Arc is the Intelligent Activation Agency that provides brands with innovative, insightful and imaginative creative solutions rooted in understanding people and behavior through the lens
of the shopper.

Arc Worldwide
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Shopper Marketing

Shopper-focused activation programs.


Digital commerce experiences.

Retail Design

Innovative spaces and retail solutions.

Other Services

Promotion, packaging, experiential, direct/CRM/loyalty, content creation.

Delivering Transformational Growth

Blue Chip is focused on the quality, not quantity, of its client relationships, taking a hands-on approach to uniting with clients to inspire and deliver transformational growth

When Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide works with its shopper marketing clients, it uses a process called Uniting Brands to Sales—a way to find and activate insights that drive maximum return on investment.

As an independent agency, Blue Chip is focused on the quality, not quantity, of its client relationships, taking a hands-on approach to uniting with clients to inspire and deliver transformational growth.

 Some recent examples of Blue Chip’s initiatives demonstrate this approach:

The Closest Rivals campaign for P&G got down to a specific retailer level. Key Food, a New York-area retailer, wanted to capitalize on the football rivalry between the Giants and Jets. Blue Chip developed a Twitter battle between Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara and Jets receiver Eric Decker that included videos, animated GIFs  and cinemagraphs.

Each post not only featured a P&G product, but also directed viewers to get their P&G products at Key Food. In-store signage and incremental display helped complete the path to purchase, making it a touchdown for P&G, Key Food and Blue Chip. 

Bomb Pop, an iconic frozen favorite for over 60 years, had slowed in its reach and relevance to its primary consumer: tweens. It needed to reinvigorate the brand in a way that connected with this audience, without alienating mom, the primary shopper.

This was done through a steady stream of snackable content, converting the Bomb Pop product-focused website into a Tumblr with customizable user themes, humorous photos, videos, memes and gifs to be shared over social—all with a goal of raising consumer awareness and motivating purchase at retail.

Recent Blue Chip Client Wins

Blue Chip Marketing has added to its client roster with a series of recent account wins. Haribo of America, maker of the iconic Gold-Bears gummi bears, selected Blue Chip to handle all of its shopper marketing, as well as consumer marketing for its Twin Snakes product.

B&G Foods tapped Blue Chip to be its all-inclusive agency of record for the Bear Creek Country Kitchens brand, and Green Toys picked it as its marketing agency of record.


Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide is an independent, fully integrated shopper marketing agency whose mission is to deliver transformational growth through the promise of uniting brands to sales.

Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide
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Dan Eisenberg
VP, Business Development
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Integrated Shopper Marketing

A holistic view that looks at the role of the shopper, consumer, retailer, sales team, brokers, distributors and more.

Strategic Planning & Research

Collaboration with clients to develop a measurable ROI strategy.


How people experience brands and categories.

Other Services

Media, PR, digital, social.

The Mobile Tool for In-Store Shopper Targeting

The Key Ring platform is based on content—not games or gimmicks—and this relevancy and immediacy translate into deeper engagement.

The Key Ring mobile app launched in 2009 with a simple goal in mind: taming reward card chaos.

It quickly caught on as a way for consumers to organize all their retailer loyalty cards into a single app—no need to carry around dozens of separate plastic key tabs.

Today, it simplifies shopping from start to finish by providing users with on-the-go access to everything they need at the store to bag a deal—loyalty cards, circulars, coupons and shopping lists. More than 13.5 million shoppers use the app.

The convenience and utility built into the app extend to brand marketers, making mobile shopper marketing manageable for a roster of CPG and retail clients that include Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, iHealth, Tillamook, Hormel and more.

The Key Ring platform is based on content—not games or gimmicks—and this relevancy and immediacy translate into deeper engagement. The app’s utility for consumers translates into data and insights that allow marketers to target the right shopper at the right time.

To top it off, Key Ring’s database of users and loyalty cards allows partners to measure campaign effectiveness more seamlessly than ever before.

Key Ring’s ad platform is built on a foundation of robust user insights, cutting-edge location technologies and a best-in-class mobile app.

Using the ad platform is a convenient two-step process for marketers.

First, they choose the retailer, channel or geographic area where they need to drive sales lift. Next, they select one (or a combination) of Key Ring’s brand engagement solutions including add to shopping list features, recipes, coupon delivery, geo-triggered push notifications and more.

It’s a simple yet powerful way to target shoppers.

Success for Personal Care Brand

Recently, a personal care brand worked with Key Ring as part of a program to drive sales at pharmacy, grocery and mass merchandise retailers. Starting with shopper behavior targeting, the brand then opted for full-page circular and loyalty card takeover ad units with an integrated “add to list” call to action.

The brand achieved a $5.96 return on advertising spend, and it was added to a shopping list over 58,000 times.


Key Ring transforms content interaction and shopping behavior data into effective shopper marketing targeting capabilities via an app that helps shoppers organize reward cards, search for sales and coupons and more.

Key Ring
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Digital Platform

Kathy Goodman

Sales Director
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Campaign programs

Geolocated and retailer-targeted shopper marketing programs.

In-app ad units

Premium ad units including retailer loyalty card and circular takeovers.

Customizable mobile channel

Supports branded additions to shopping lists, recipes, surveys, coupon distribution and other calls to action.

Meeting the Changing Needs of Consumers

The agency has analyzed the demands of the market and built a structure designed to deliver on the changing needs of brands, retailers, shoppers and organizations

What does it mean to connect with the connected shopper? How do you change consumer behavior and drive demand? Which tactics are most effective to enhance brand value, build traffic or engage consumers?

Match Marketing Group wants to challenge conventional thinking—from how digital is used to drive traffic to where consumers are engaged to the importance of telling a story and not just a message.

The agency has analyzed the demands of the market and built a structure designed to deliver on the changing needs of brands, retailers, shoppers and organizations.

Match was started 18 years ago with a specialization in retail, brand and event marketing. It recognized that building a strategy from the shelf back was a winning proposition. That remains its focus today, although the shelf may now exist online.

In recent work for Tastykake, Match is helping the snack cake brand redefine how it will reach consumers and achieve competitive advantage. Through a combination of consumer research, market distribution analysis and shopper insights, Match found that Tastykake needed to connect with a younger consumer base, positioning it as a treat that the whole family can enjoy.

It brought this to life with “Just for the Fun of It,” a product-focused campaign that highlights Tastykake’s unique offerings.

According to Brent Bradshaw, VP of marketing at Tastykake, “The campaign captures the inherent fun of Tastykake and the unique experience the brand offers to consumers.”

Match Expands Its PepsiCo Business in the U.S.

Match Marketing Group recently acquired the beverage portfolio of Amplitude Marketing Group, a Newtown Conn.-based strategy and experiential marketing agency.

The portfolio includes leading PepsiCo brands Pure Leaf, Brisk and Lipton, among others, and Amplitude’s PepsiCo business and team is being integrated into the operations of Match.

“After a 20-year partnership with PepsiCo across North America, we are excited about the opportunity to deepen our relationship with PepsiCo overall,” says Brett Farren, CEO of Match.


Match Marketing Group is an activation agency focused on inspiring purchase through seamless experiences.

Match Marketing Group
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Shopper and digital agency
In-store promotion
Retail insights/research

Michael Dill

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Insights & Strategy

Giving clients a competitive advantage through insights and strategic direction.


Tapping into the human insights that connect people to brands and what influences their behaviors.


Delivering on the total digital strategy through mobile, ecommerce, site development and more.


Using interaction and memorable moments to drive the focus on brands.


Ensuring compliance, managing resets and delivering local store execution.


Pop-up and outsourced retail.